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You may have heard about the many health risks associated with obesity, from heart disease and high blood pressure to diabetes and chronic joint pain. But even a few extra pounds can have a negative impact, Nutritionnot only on your self-esteem but also on your everyday comfort and function. If your best efforts to shed those pounds have proven frustratingly futile, you may need to take a different approach via a medical weight loss system — one that detoxifies your body changes your relationship with food and helps your metabolism perform as it should. That’s why you’ll be excited to learn about the Health Factor Weight Loss Program we offer here at Back to Mind.

The Philosophy Behind the Health Factor Weight Loss Program

The Health Factor Weight Loss Program is based on the philosophy that weight control depends on the function of two specific systems in the body: the metabolic system and the “reward” system of the brain. Let’s look at how these two systems can either sabotage or support healthy eating and weight loss.

  • Metabolism and toxicity – Many of the highly processed we’re in the habit of eating every day contain fats, sugars, preservative chemicals, and other substances which are toxic to the metabolic system when consumed in large quantities. This toxicity bogs down your metabolism, rendering it too sluggish to burn fat effectively.
  • Endorphins and the brain – Your brain rewards you for eating fatty foods by pumping out endorphins, neurotransmitters that give you a feeling of satisfaction. Unfortunately, this cycle can become an obsession as your brain shuts down some of your endorphin receptors in response to a flood of “feel-good” chemicals. Now you’re addicted, in the sense that you have to eat more and more fat to gain that same satisfying feeling.

The Health Factor Weight Loss Program focuses on breaking those cycles of metabolic stagnation and fatty food addiction. By detoxifying your body of harmful substances and providing you with a healthy new lifestyle, we can normalize your physical and mental responses to food. As a result, you can lose weight easily while also avoiding symptoms of toxicity such as GERD, insomnia, metabolic resistance syndrome, and diabetes.

A Sensible, Effective Process at Our Weight Loss Clinic

When you enroll in our Health Factor Weight Loss Program, you’ll work directly with a health coach on a weekly basis. This weight loss specialist will analyze your body composition, monitor your food cravings, check your energy level, and evaluate your rate of weight loss. The weekly visit enables us to adjust your individual program for best results. Here’s how the process works:

  • Step 1: We will identify the specific foods that are feeding you nothing but empty calories, causing you to remain constantly hungry even as you gain belly fat. We will then replace those empty calories you’ve been consuming with real foods that genuinely satisfy you. A combination of nutritious plant-based foods and lean animal proteins will help you feel full and stay healthy.
  • Step 2: Exercise is the next critical step toward successful weight loss. Your weight loss specialist can provide you with exercises that you can easily perform with a minimum of home equipment. These exercises are specifically selected to help your body get better at burning fat.
  • Step 3: Nutritional deficiencies can block your path to weight loss. Your health coach can identify the specific nutrients you need most, recommending the right mix of foods and supplements to make sure that you receive them.

Looking for a Medical Weight Loss Program?

Are you ready for a systematic, successful approach to medical weight loss? Call our weight loss clinic at our Pompano BeachCoral SpringsHollywood, and Tamarac office. Make your appointment today by calling Back to Mind Chiropractic at +1(954)-986-4559.

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