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Pinched Nerve Symptoms and Treatment

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Symptoms of pinched nerve results from compression and inflammation of a nerve typically extending from the spine into other areas of the body. Compression of a nerve by misplaced or misaligned vertebrae is usually caused by auto accidents, work injuries, bony growths on the spine or simple wear and tear on the spine. Misaligned vertebrae come in contact with nerves by pressing or rubbing against them. Unless this pressure is alleviated by your chiropractor, pinched nerve symptoms inevitably worsen and could lead to debilitating back pain, stiffness and other health problems.

4 Classic Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

Radiating Pain

Sharp, burning or aching pain that radiates from your back into your extremities is a common sign of a pinched nerve. Caused by nerve endings irritated and inflamed by compression, radiating pain due to pinched nerves may be mistaken for the kind of chest pain felt during a heart attack. If you experience intense burning or aching sensations in your back, chest, arms or legs that tends to worsen during physical activity but is not accompanied by other symptoms, call our chiropractor today for appointment. Chiropractic techniques can relieve pinched nerve pain without prescribing medications or surgery.


Compressed nerves are unable to function properly. Blood flow and signaling are interrupted and the nerve ending no longer has the ability to provide sensation to a particular area of the body. If you have a pinched nerve, you may feel periodic numbness in your lower back, buttocks, arms, legs, feet and hands. Your foot may “fall asleep” for no reason or you may wake up with a numb hand even though you weren’t laying on your hand.

Paresthesia (“pins and needles”/tingling)

Nerve compression or poor circulation are the primary causes of paresthesia. Different from numbness because you actually feel a tingling, prickling sensation, paresthesia may also indicate neuropathy (nerve damage) or radiculopathy (pressure on nerve roots inducing inflammation). Chiropractors in Hollywood FL diagnose radiculopathy when herniated disks press against nerves or the spinal canal in your lower spine through which nerves pass through becomes too narrow. Lumbar radiculopathy causes paresthesia in your foot or leg.

Muscle Weakness

In addition to supplying sensation, nerves also support muscle cell activity and muscle strength. Radiating pain, back pain, numbness and/or paresthesia accompanied by weakness requires treatment by your chiropractor to alleviate pressure on nerves. Muscle weakness due to a pinched nerve may make your legs feel like they aren’t strong enough to keep you upright or you may be unable to grip or hold onto objects.

Delaying treatment for pinched nerves may lead to chronic interference with normal functioning of the nervous system. Peripheral neuropathy, swelling of compressed nerves and scar tissue accumulation are some of the consequences of neglecting pinched nerve symptoms.

Spinal Decompression for a Pinched Nerve in South Florida

An highly effective, noninvasive chiropractic technique to relieve pinched nerve pain, spinal decompression gently stretches (decompresses) the spine using distraction, or increasing the space in between vertebrae. Not only does decompression remove pressure on pinched nerves but it also improves blood flow to your back and relieves weakness and symptoms of paresthesia.

Spinal Vertebrae Adjustments

Chiropractor Treats Pinched Nerve in South FloridaYour South Florida chiropractor performs adjustments manually to move vertebrae back into their proper positions. If you suffered a pinched nerve during an auto accident, adjustments are typically the first line of chiropractic treatment you receive following a comprehensive examination. Adjustments also work to increase blood flow to irritated nerves that require sufficient oxygenated blood to function normally.

For nearly 20 years, Back to Mind has served South Florida residents by offering superior chiropractic services at several different locations. Most insurance plans are accepted but please call us to schedule a free, 45 minute consultation appointment and ask if your insurance covers treatment. We treat each patient as unique from all other patients and take the time to fully educate you regarding therapies and treatments indicated for your condition.

If you have symptoms of a pinched nerve or suffer from other musculoskeletal aches and pains, our South Florida chiropractors are located in Tamarac, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, and Hollywood, FL and can help relieve your pain without drugs or surgery. Call Back to Mind today!

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