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Personal Injury South Florida

What Can Cause It?

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The definition of personal injury is pretty simple: Injury inflicted on your body, as opposed to property or a nonphysical attribute, such as reputation. While other types of damage can be devastating in their own way, personal injury is particularly troublesome because, if it goes uncorrected, it can lead to lifelong problems.

Before we discuss how you can recognize and correct injuries, however, let’s take a brief look at the how the majority of personal injury occurs:

  • Vehicle Accidents: Car, truck and motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of injury, whether through weather, negligence or simple accident.
  • Slips and Falls: This is especially common at the workplace, but can also occur out in the world or on someone else’s property.
  • Whiplash: This is a very common result of vehicle accidents, but can occur in any violent injury.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Usually these occur in conjunction with a motorized vehicle.
  • Workplace Accidents: Any type of accident that occurs at work, such as trips, falls, equipment accidents or malfunctions, trench collapses and more.

Symptoms of Personal Injury


If you have recently been in an accident but noticed no symptoms, it’s time to reassess. While you might think it would be obvious to determine whether or not you’re injured, this isn’t always the case. Some injuries may creep up on you, especially if you have suffered a particularly traumatic personal injury. In this case, the shock may take a while to wear off, and you may start to notice symptoms slowly. These could include:

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, you should get treated as soon as possible.


Chiropractic Treatment for Personal Injury

Chiropractic Therapy

If you’re looking for personal injury treatment to solve the above symptoms, we can help in a variety of ways. These include soft tissue rehabilitation, manual therapy and home care, in which we instruct you on exercises to do yourself to help with healing.

Want to heal your injury and get back to life as you know it? It’s never too late to get better, especially when you’re working with a qualified chiropractor. Call us at 954-986-4559 to ask questions about our services or book an appointment and begin living the life you deserve.

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