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Looking for an accident clinic in Miami? You should seek the help of experienced Miami accident doctors near you. With the help of our experienced, and top-rated Miami accident doctors, you’ll be able to get the proper medical and legal assistance that you need after an accident. Contact us today for a free exam and evaluation.


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#1 Accident Clinic In MIAMI

If you or your loved ones have been injured in an accident, visit one of our accident clinics in Miami. Having been in business for more than 20 years, we are specialists in treating work injuries, auto accident injuries, personal injuries, and sports injuries. We also offer a free consultation, free case evaluation, and injury screening. Besides, we will help you find the best accident lawyer In Miami to get maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

On-Site Imaging

Our advanced equipment will promptly identify the severity of your injuries. This will allow us to begin treatment as soon as possible.

On-Site Medical Doctors

All the Injury care we provide is supervised by a licensed Miami accident doctor whose sole focus is auto-accident injuries.

On-Site Treatment

To treat your accident injury from the root, we offer a complete range of treatments and therapies that are personalized for you.


After calling 911 call the best doctor to care for you. As per the Florida statute, your first visit must take place within the first 14 days to be seen by a medical professional to be covered by insurance for your Personal Injury Protection benefits.

How Do Our Miami Accident Injury Doctors Help?

The team at Back To Mind is the right choice if you need assistance recovering after an accident. We have more than 20 years of experience treating injuries and receive over 900 five-star ratings across South Florida.

Each and every patient who walks into our office receives a personalized injury treatment because not all accidents are the same, so injuries. We stay up to date on all medical developments and techniques.

Besides addressing your concerns, we offer a customized treatment plan that is effective and helps you to recover faster. Plus, we take care of your entire documentation process for your insurance to cover your medical bills as well as assist you on your path to recovery.

How do We treat auto accident patients?

Collect data about your case

Upon your first visit to our accident clinic in Miami, we'll gather all the medical information you already have.

Evaluate Pain & injuries

In order to develop a treatment plan, our chiropractors and accident doctors will diagnose your pain and injuries.

Initiate The treatment

As soon as we developed your customized treatment plan, we'll start the treatment so you can get back to your normal life ASAP.

documentation and follow up treatment

Through utilizing sophisticated technology, correlating injuries to the accident, providing a thorough AMA 6th edition impairment rating, indicating detailed future care cost estimates, and even more, we provide relevant information within the MMI report which could be used to get the best financial results!

Car Accident Injury Treatments

Below are some treatments and therapies we use at Back To Mind to treat auto accident patients. Besides, we use advanced methods and the latest technology to treat your pain and injuries. As a result, you can recover from an injury faster.

chiropractic care

Chiropractic care to treat and manage the pain due to an accident. We aim to treat your pain from the root.


Several injuries or surgeries require the patient to undergo physical therapy to recover fully.


It eases the pain in your joints and relaxes your muscles, resulting in quicker recovery after an injury.

Injury Rehabilitation

The goal of rehabilitation is to improve your overall physical function following an accidental injury and helps to return to your normal life.

Auto Injury Treatment

Auto Injury treatment includes X-Ray, CT Scan MRI Scan, Ultrasound, Facture treatment, & Surgery from top accident doctors in Miami.

Spinal Decompression

In the event of a back injury after a vehicle accident, spinal decompression is typically one of the most useful alternative treatments.

Meet the team of OUR Miami accident doctors

Dr. Gady Abramson

Car Accident Chiropractor

Dr. Carla Catalan

Accident Injury Specialist

Dr. Thomas Gyorfi ​

Accident Injury Specialist

Dr. Frank

Accident Injury Specialist

Dr. Layda Marie

Accident Injury Specialist

Dr. Toni

Accident Injury Specialist

useful information

Useful videos on how we treat our patients who have been injured in an accident. We have state-of-the-art facilities throughout South Florida.


auto accident faqs

PIP stands for Personal injury protection also referred to as PIP coverage or no-fault insurance. 

PIP coverage will cover your medical expenses regardless of who is at fault in an accident.

PIP coverage in Florida requires you to see a doctor within 14 days of an accident. PIP often includes lost wages, too. 


PIP can cover:


Medical expenses: The PIP covers treatment such as chiropractic care, X-rays and MRIs, surgery, dentistry, optometry, ambulances, hospital expenses, nursing care, medication, medical supplies, and prosthetic devices.

Lost wages: PIP may be able to reimburse you for lost wages incurred as a result of an accident.

You may be able to use your insurance even if you're not driving. 


You might also be covered if you were injured by a car while riding your bike or walking to work, or even if you were riding in someone else's car. 

Yes. It doesn't matter who is at fault in an accident, as long as you are covered by PIP coverage.

Car accident victims often seek chiropractic treatment as part of their recovery process.


If you are involved in a car accident, you do not need to worry about footing the bill for chiropractic care, since medical expenses are covered by PIP insurance.

Following a car accident, the first and most important thing you need to do is call 911 to report the accident and injuries.


Call the police to get a police statement.


Keep a record of the accident. Speak to witnesses and gather their contact information.


Ensure the police officers at the scene receive an official statement.


You should get medical treatment immediately if you are critically injured. 


To begin your injury rehabilitation, contact Accident Clinic Miami. 

A car accident victim may experience mild to severe injuries, which can affect them from head to toe. The symptoms of injuries are often delayed by hours or even days, which means that victims are unaware of how severe their injuries are.


Here are some symptoms that you should look out for:


  1. Headache
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Shoulder Pain
  4. Whiplash
  5. Back Pain
  6. Nausea or Abdominal Pain
  7. Swelling
  8. Stiffness
  9. Numbness 
  10. Tingling Sensations
  11. Dizziness
  12. Tinnitus
  13. Vertigo

Following an accident, your health should be your first priority. A primary care physician or the emergency room should be consulted if you experience any of these common car accident injury symptoms.

Our doctors use a variety of treatment techniques when treating patients involved in auto mobile accidents. Every patient's accident circumstances and their resulting injuries are different, so no treatment should ever be the same.


Our chiropractors develop personalized natural treatment plans that are tailored specifically toward you, your injury, and your pain symptoms.


Our first goal is to diminish pain and get you feeling better.


Next, we focus on the source of the problem and treating the condition so it does not turn into a chronic problem with long-lasting pain.


A few of our most common treatment techniques include:


  1. Muscle Stimulation
  2. Cold Laser Therapy
  3. Interferential Therapy
  4. Hot and Cold Packs
  5. Muscle Stimulation
  6. Diathermy Therapeutic
  7. Ultrasound

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Yes. You should see a nearest accident doctor even if you don't feel any pain. As per the National directory of medicine, a whiplash injury can be caused after being struck from behind by a vehicle traveling at speeds of 10 to 15 mph. Also, symptoms may take more than 10 days to appear. Hence, seeing a car accident chiropractor or doctor is recommended.

If you've been injured in an accident, it is imperative to see an accident doctor immediately even if you don't feel any pain in the body.


The reason behind this is that sometimes symptoms may take up to two weeks to show up. Also, as per the Florida statute, If you need to cover all your medical expenses under PIP Insurance then you must see an auto accident doctor within 14 days of your accident.


Afterwards, you may have to pay from your pocket to cover your medical expenses.


When you visit our state of the art Miami accident clinic, you'll immediately experience the uniqueness of treating patients. Unlike other accident clinics in Miami, we don't just alleviate the symptoms of your pain. In fact, we treat it from the root.


Our accident doctors In Miami are highly experienced and have helped thousands of patients recover from accident injuries.


Our state of the art facilities in Miami have modern equipment and use the latest technology to treat accidental injuries. Besides, we have 7 accident clinics in Miami. As well, we can help you handle your entire legal claim process. So, all you have to do is to just visit one of our accident clinics in Miami.


Whether you are suffering from any pain, injuries, fractures, spinal damage, or a concussion, our highly experienced auto accident doctors in Miami are here to diagnose and treat you.

List of our 7 Accident Clinics In Miami

Miami, 33186

12001 SW 128th Ct #201
Miami, FL 33186
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Miami, 33132

1717 N. Bayshore Dr
Miami, FL 33132
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Hialeah, FL 33012

419 W 49th St #203
Hialeah, FL 33012
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Miami, 33169

290 NW 165th St #P250
Miami, FL 33169
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Miami, 33135

1850 SW Eighth St #310
Miami, FL 33135
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Miami, 33122

7500 NW 25th St
Miami, FL 33122
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Miami, 33144

946 SW 82nd Ave
Miami, FL 33144
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