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One of America’s most sought-after treatments is chiropractic treatment – Meet Dr. Gady Abramson, owner of Back To Mind Clinics and his chain of chiropractic clinics, and you can be sure you are in the best of hands

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As years go by and technology enhances, we familiarize ourselves with different types of treatments for a variety of health issues. One of America’s most sought-after treatments is chiropractic treatment – a holistic medicinal system designed to treat mechanical disturbances and other types of issues in the muscle and skeletal system. Chiropractic emphasizes spinal health, manipulating the spine to help the nervous system regain function to clear the neural flow between the brain, spine, and other connected body parts. 

The treatment involves manually applying pressure to the spine in a way that helps to improve function and as a result, maintain the health of the entire human bone structure. The advantages of chiropractic treatment are great, but the secret lies within the treating hands of the specific chiropractor. Meet Dr. Gady Abramson, and his chain of chiropractic clinics, Back To Mind, so you can be sure you are in the best of hands.

Obtaining profound knowledge

After Gady’s discharge from the Israeli army, he arrived in the US to study business. All his electives were in the pre-med field, which helped him decide to further explore the medical world.. As many of Gady’s family members are doctors, he decided to shadow them and familiarize himself with different specialties – neurology, family medicine, and pediatrics. He was introduced to the field of chiropractics, a profession he would eventually choose to master in, study, and receive a degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). “When I attended school, there were barely 40 chiropractors in Israel” Gady explains, “So I stayed in America and decided to build my career here.” He started his professional journey with one clinic who quickly became very sought after, which made Gady decide to open another clinic and several years later

.Nowadays, after 26 years in Florida, Gady runs a total of six different chiropractic clinics, each with a leading physician and a qualified staff, all operating according to Gady’s perfected system.

Back To Mind- putting the patient’s well-being first

Gady’s success can be credited to his motto: providing treatment that promotes fast recovery. For him, the financial aspect plays no part in creating the treatment program and he aspires to relieve the patient of treatments as fast as possible. “Most people that come to see me have already been to different doctors, spending a lot of time and a lot of money, he says, “I want the patient to recover as soon as possible and because our treatments are very intensive, most patients make a complete recovery within a short period of time, and do not experience any lingering side effects after treatment is completed.”

Back To Mind- Special care to the patient and his case

Most of Dr. Gady’s patients seek treatment after being injured in a car accident. While the fast and devoted treatment they get in each one of the clinics is always beneficial, in the case of a car accident, the recovery process might take longer. Florida’s leading lawyers consistently recommend their clients to Dr. Gady’s clinics because he ensures a meticulous and thorough process while filling out accident reports. The team makes sure to provide all necessary paperwork so that lawyers can easily navigate assisting their clients to achieve maximum compensation. “That is exactly the reason why lawyers keep sending me their clients,” Dr. Gady explains. “When dealing with accidents you must work in an orderly fashion, performing exact coordination between the injury reported and what is actively happening to the patient, determining levels of disability in a credible way and more. In my clinic, we provide reliable findings to promote the bureaucratic process for patients. Insurance companies already know me and let the documents coming from one of my clinics have a significant effect.”

Allergic to waiting in lines

In each of his clinics, Dr. Gady treats around 60 satisfied adult, teenage, and children- age patients daily. Alongside the professional service, the quick answers, and the meticulous organization, Gady implements a “no waiting” policy, meaning that patients do not have to wait in line, and the care they need right when they arrive at the clinic. It is no wonder that the patients’ extremely positive feedback gives Gady’s clinics one of the highest ratings in Florida with hundreds of positive reviews and 5-star scores. “Patients who are previously recommended for surgery arrive here and after being treated do not need surgery anymore,” Gady shares. “Children with severe scoliosis for example. No patient has ever walked in and not said: wow the treatments here are amazing. No one does it like you do it”.


Our Doctors


Dr. Gady Abramson

Dr. Abramson is an expert in using chiropractic care to improve the health and overall wellness of his clients. He believes chiropractic care can be used for more than just back and neck pain; it can also be used to improve every aspect of a person’s life. Dr. Gady Abramson is a respected, experienced, and top-rated chiropractor serving South Florida for over 20 years.


Dr. Carla Catalan

Dr. Carla Catalan raised in Miami, Florida. Undergrad school was University of Miami from 1991-1996. Major was microbiology and immunology. Chiropractic school was Life University from 1996-2000. Always wanted to be part of the health care profession growing up. The only question was what type of doctor would make a difference in the future care of patients.


Dr. David Ledwitz

Dr. David Ledwitz is a compassionate and highly skilled practitioner who thrives on improving his patient’s quality of life. A Magna Cum Laude University FL I Life Graduate with a BS in Nutrition, Masters of Sports Medicine and Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine. Founder and Owner of Peachtree Chiropractic and licensed for over three decades, specializing in providing second opinions on MRI and CT scans with an established Orthopedic network. Also specializes in Physical Therapy and works in tandem with Physical therapists to shorten recovery and augment rehabilitation gains with his micro-targeted, spinal, thoracic, and extremity adjustments. Patients with everyday or sports injuries to Atlantic Hawks and Miami Dolphins players, all appreciate how quickly they can get back in their game.

Dr. David Ledwitz Back to Mind

Dr. Layda Marie

Dr. Santiago used to play volleyball for college and professionals leagues in Puerto Rico. During that time, she fell in love with science and health and thought in pursue her dream and be a professional in something that can help athletes and also the community. When she discovered Chiropractic, she knew this was the perfect profession to fulfill her dream, because not only athletes but everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.


Dr. Tome

I am Yeisy Tome, a Chiropractor at Back To Mind Chiropractic in the Coral Springs location. I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I am 37 years old, Venezuelan and I have a beautiful dog called Peluche. When I am not at work I am usually spending outdoor activities with Peluche. I became a Chiropractor because I strongly believe in Chiropractic. Therefore, I really enjoy what I do for a living. My passion for my profession has led me to treat and help many of my patients. As soon as a patient walks through the door, I can not help but feel empathy and strive to treat the patient as I would like to be treated, with genuine love and care. I became a Chiropractor in 2016 and since then I have been working as such. I am certified in Activator technique and many of my patients tell me I have angel hands after getting treated with me. I love what I do and if you come to Back To Mind Chiropractic my staff and I are going to give you a high quality therapy and you are going to feel at home.


Dr. Ross

Dr. John P. Ross DC received his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis Missouri April 2000. He has spent most of his 23 yrs experience practicing under-served New York Communities. Throughout his career, he has specialized in treating accident victims and senior citizens. Participation in a variety of high school sports has given him insight and enthusiasm for treating student-athletes and sports injuries. My passion for chiropractic is tied to the Philosophy of Chiropractic and its alignment with my faith and willingness to Serve. My Mission is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits and advantages of chiropractic. Make chiropractic accessible as a healthy lifestyle through skillful adjustments and healing therapy to as many people of all ages.

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