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Back Pain Treatment Is Available at Back to Mind, Your Chiropractor in Hollywood and Tamarac, FL

Back pain is debilitating, limiting your ability to move, do the things you enjoy, and even accomplish simple tasks at home. While many people suffer from chronic and acute back pain, few know what steps are available to treat it. If you are relying on pain medications and struggling to try to deal with the pain, it may be time to go see a chiropractor nearest you (if you’re in the Ft Lauderdale area, that’s us!) . Back pain treatment is available.

Understanding the Underlying Cause

The first step is to understand why you have back pain. There are plenty of potential reasons including:

If you have pain in your back, whether it is lower and into your hips or upper back pain, it is important to seek out care. Generally, this pain is brought on by damage or misalignment of the spinal column or, in some cases, muscle and ligament damage.

How Your Chiropractor Can Help You with Back Pain

After a full evaluation, we’ll create a treatment plan for your upper, middle or lower back pain. We focus on providing holistic, whole-body care and treatment to your pain. This customized treatment plan may include:

  • Spinal adjustments are used to reposition the spinal column vertebrae and discs to reduce the pressure on the nerve roots here. This helps to alleviate those misfired signals going to the brain about pain.
  • Massage therapy focuses on reducing inflammation. The muscles and ligaments throughout this area may be faced with significant inflammation after an injury. Massage therapy works to stimulate blood flow to the area, reducing pain, swelling, and overall movement limitations.
  • Corrective exercises help to reprogram those muscles and ligaments to work in the proper manner again. We’ll teach you how to strengthen your muscles and joints using these exercises.

Are You Ready to Get Rid of Back Pain?

You don’t have to live with it. Call Dr. Gady Abramson, your Hollywood and Tamarac chiropractor, for an appointment to discuss back pain.

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