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Personal Injury Attorney Referrals in Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Tamarac & Ft Lauderdale

At Back To Mind, we are proud to work cooperatively with many personal injury attorneys and car accident law firms in South Florida. Dr. Gady Abramson and staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for motor vehicle cases involving injuries such as whiplashneck pain, sprain/strain, and other soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries.

We partner with a multidisciplinary team that includes chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, and athletic training. We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with orthopedists, neurologists, MRI facilities, and physical therapists in the area to offer the most comprehensive care for our patients and lawyers alike.

Our Facilities

Our state of the art facilities reflect positively on the referring attorney. Medical records are sent right away. As soon as we get an MRI or orthopedic report, we email it to our partner attorneys as soon as possible. As soon as the patient reached fills their MMI, we send the entire file, including orthopedic reports, MRIs, etc., allowing law offices to begin their work without delay.

Our high quality of care and reduced costs can be noted in our daily reports. We pride ourselves in reasonability and trust, both on the side of the adjuster and the attorney.

Reporting, Colossus, and Testimony

Chiropractic Attorney Referrals in South Florida

Our offices release all HIPAA records, MRI, records from my offices and other specialist reports in a timely manner. Back To Mind focuses on organization, promptness, and professionalism, aiming to release all records before they can even be requested. Once your staff sends the HIPAA release form tous via email, we promptly provide your office with the medical records the day that the patient has reached MMI. *If desired , we can provide medical records at various times throughout the treatment plan your client is at any of our offices including diagnostic studies and other specialist reports as we make sure to attain them right away.

Back to Mind’s billing and records are centralized at our headquarters for ease and management. Our multiple locations are brand new, state of the art, well maintained, and regularly cleaned and sanitized to maximize your clients’ positive experience with us.

When you send your clients to Back to Mind, you are not only referring them to amazing staff and doctors and state of the art facilities, but also to the highest rated chiropractic practice in the State of Florida. Just on Google, we have over 500 five star ratings and stellar reviews from our patients.

When paying attention to our notes, you see, as other law firms we are working with do, we have very descriptive and detailed medical records. Back to Mind utilizes Colossus, causation and the most accurate impairment rating method, based on the AMA 6th edition. We provide the table and page numbers , citing exactly how each injury is being assigned an impairment rating and combining the various injuries to an impairment as a whole. We provide both a short treatment plan and the cost and a lifetime treatment plan and the cost of the treatment plan to your client if and when medically necessary.

South Florida Communities We Serve

We have several convenient locations throughout Florida, including Pompano BeachCoral SpringsHollywood, and Tamarac. Speak with Dr. Gady Abramson today by calling Back to Mind Chiropractic at 954-986-4559.

We look forward to speaking with you to further discuss a referral relationship and answer any questions you may have. Please call us +1(954)-986-4559.

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