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5 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps After a Car Accident

5 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps After a Car Accident

Car accidents are some of the most painful and life-changing accidents that can happen. From those accidents can stem painful injuries that require surgery or multiple surgeries to help fix. Then, after that, you are faced with months or even years of recovery. During that recovery time, you can begin to feel depressed because you are unable to do the activities you love, work, or even walk to the kitchen for a snack without being in pain.

But what if we told you there was a way to cut down your recovery time and help you get back to your life faster? It might seem like magic, but the truth is it’s just chiropractic care! With a hands-on approach that doesn’t require surgery, chiropractic care focuses on letting the body heal naturally, meaning there are little to no risks involved.

So what are some ways chiropractic care can help you recover after your car accident? Why should you even consider giving it a try after your car accident? Keep reading to find out 5 ways that chiropractic care can help you after a car accident!

Reason One: Chiropractic Care Reduces Pain Throughout the Entire Body

Hormones play a huge role in every part of our health. Where some hormones control our emotions, sexual desire, etc, some hormones also play a role in pain relief. Because of the physical manipulation that chiropractic adjustments give, it allows those pain-reducing hormones to be released. With those hormones naturally released, they will help your injury and help any other areas that were in pain before the accident. 

Prescription drugs only mask the pain and can become addictive. They don’t help treat your injury, they only give you temporary relief to get some rest. And some of the side effects of these drugs are worse than your actual ailment! But chiropractic care doesn’t rely on prescription drugs- It simply relies on the healing hands of the chiropractor and your body’s own natural resources. So isn’t it worth it to try something that will actually help you recover from your pain?

Reason Two: Chiropractic Care Reduces Scar Tissue

After an injury, the body will naturally build up scar tissue to help you heal. However, scar tissue can build up quickly, causing the injured area to become stiff and uncomfortable to move. Scar tissue can heal naturally, but it takes a while for it to do so. 

But with the help of a chiropractor, scar tissue can be reduced faster! The chiropractor can focus on the area affected by scar tissue and break it up faster. So with the scar tissue broken up, the stiff and uncomfortable feeling will go away faster and the healing process will be sped up.

Reason Three: Chiropractic Care Restores Your Motion

Car accidents can lead to a lot of injuries that make it harder to move. With your ability to move compromised, it leads to a loss of freedom of being able to do activities you love, work, and many other things. Not being able to live life as you once did can lead to your mental health becoming another issue you have to deal with. And when your mind isn’t healthy, it makes it that much harder for your body to recover from injury and illness. 

What makes any injury harder to deal with is the inflammation that comes with it. If you’ve ever had an inflamed pimple on your face or any inflamed areas on your body, then you know the pain and discomfort you feel because of it. So not only does chiropractic care help reduce inflammation, but it helps restore movement to your body. With its ability to remove obstacles causing pinched and strained nerves and muscles, chiropractic care allows those obstacles to be removed and allows your body to heal faster.

Reason Four: Chiropractic Care Prevents Long-Term Injuries/Pain

Long after you’ve recovered from your injury, you might notice continuous pain or throbbing in the injured area. You might also notice that the formerly injured area feels weaker and is more susceptible to future injuries. There’s even a possibility that it might become injured again during your initial recovery!

A chiropractor is able to assess your injury and any symptoms that come from it. From there, they will be able to formulate a treatment plan for you to help prevent further injury and eliminate your symptoms. Just be sure to follow whatever instructions they give you because your cooperation will also play a role in preventing future injuries and pain!

Reason Five: Chiropractic Care Cuts Down Recovery Time

There are a lot of factors that go into how long it will take you to recover from your car accident injury. Surgery is one of the biggest factors along with your physical health before the accident happened and the injury location. Surgery, because of its invasiveness methods, causes the body to take longer to heal because the body not only has to heal from the initial injury, but it has to heal from the incisions made as well. With surgery comes many risks, infection being one of them, and that can lead to longer recovery time.

As we’ve mentioned before, chiropractic care is non-invasive, meaning you won’t have to worry about the risk of infection. There is no one-size-fits-all recovery time with chiropractic care. Some people notice a huge difference after one session and only need a few more sessions after that to heal. Other people might need sessions for a month or two to regain their health. So even though there is no definitive time frame, we do know that chiropractic care greatly reduces your injury recovery time and gets you back to your normal life faster. 

Were you injured in a car accident in South Florida? Are you in need of an excellent South Florida Chiropractor? Then look no further than Dr. Gady! With his years of experience, he can help you get back to health in no time! Just contact the location nearest to you and make an appointment today! You owe it your health to take action and get on that road to recovery!

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