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Aquatic therapy

Aquatic Therapy is a water-based treatment given to patients suffering from pain in the joints or muscles. This treatment makes the best use of the features of water and applies them in relieving pain. The buoyant force acting on the bodies of water reduces the body weight and helps them to float.

This therapy is done completely in water. The individual can be fully submerged in water or floating or partially submerged in water. Aquatic Therapy eliminates the use of any weights and can be applied if a person has encountered muscle spasm, pain, limited range of motion and inflammation.


Role of aquatic therapy in curing walking disabilities

Usually disabilities in walking results from any sort of injury or accident. It means that the person is unable to hold a proper balance on land. But in Aquatic Therapy the effect of buoyant force reduces the weight of the body and makes it feel lighter.

The gravitational force of the fluid particles is not felt. Thus, the person can move smoothly in the water. Gradually the individual gains the ability to walk on land without any difficulty.

Massage therapy – the ultimate solution for any kind of backache

Massage Therapy includes the application of force or pressure in a particular technique and direction on the affected parts of the body. It is given with the help of fingers, hands or elbows and sometimes knees.

Massage can be given in specially designed massage chairs or massage beds in the professional field. But in the amateur field, a mere bed or a mat on the floor will do. Certain massages require oils and gel to be applied on the body. Every oil has a unique property and serves a unique purpose for every individual.

The other uses of massage therapy are:

  • Reduces cramping and spasms.
  • Reduce depression and anxiety.
  • Reduces back pain.

There are various types of massage therapy. The structured Massage Therapy unwinds the pattern of strain present of the myofascial system. The strains are restored into its original and original alignment and length. The neuromuscular therapy massage is a kind of medical-massage. It is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body to reduce the underlying causes of chronic pain residing in nervous and muscular systems.

The hydrostatic pressure applied by water used in Aquatic Therapy supports and stabilizes the movements of joints and muscles.

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