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The car is a hunk of twisted metal, the accident reports are in the process of being filed, and you’re left with devastating pain and other symptoms from your auto accident. It’s a tough time for making decisions, including the all-important decision of what kind of doctor you should see. Your family practitioner may not be equipped to diagnose and address the complex damage that an auto accident can do to the body. You need a musculoskeletal specialist — and that’s just one of the reasons that a chiropractor can serve as the best auto accident doctor for your needs.

Natural Pain Relief for Whiplash and Other Auto Injuries

Chiropractor Treats Whiplash in auto accident victim South FloridaAuto accidents can cause many kinds of injuries, and therefore many kinds of pain. You may be most familiar with the neck injury known as whiplash, which is commonly associated with car accidents. A sudden stop or impact throws your head back and forth while your trunk is secured by your safety belt. This rapid, extreme motion can damage your neck muscles, cause herniated cervical discs, and pinch cervical nerve tissue. Impacts on the lower spine can cause acute back painleg pain and other debilitating symptoms.

These aches and pains can turn into chronic misery without prompt care — and many sufferers end up dependent on painkillers just to get through the day. By contrast, chiropractic treatment offers completely drug-free pain relief. Our chiropractor can combine chiropractic adjustment with other techniques to take the pressure off of nerves, correct dislocated joints, and help soft tissues heal more quickly and with less internal scarring (a problem that often leads to additional long-term pain).

Addressing the Root Cause of Your Auto Accident Injury Symptoms

Other doctors may try to make you feel better by numbing the symptoms of your auto accident injury. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t truly address the underlying structural problems that are producing those symptoms. This is where chiropractic care leaps ahead of other methods. Our chiropractor can actually shift spinal structures that have lost their normal position, bring them back into alignment and thus removing the root cause of your discomfort. Not only do you end up feeling better; you also find that your body can function more normally.

Non-Surgical Treatment With Minimal Side Effects

chiropractor adjusting a patients back

One shadow that haunts many auto accident injury sufferers is the thought of needing major invasive surgery to correct a herniated disc or other spinal damage. Surgery is tremendously expensive, requires extended healing time, doesn’t always help your symptoms, and can even create unwanted side effects or complications.

Our chiropractor can make the necessary corrections without a single incision. Instead of disc surgery, for example, we can employ non-surgical spinal decompression to move a herniated disc gently back into place. Adjustments to the cervical spine can ease whiplash symptoms without surgery, while adjustments to the lumbar spine can provide non-surgical sciatica relief.

Chiropractic Care: A “Swiss Army Knife” for Injury Treatment and Pain Management

Chiropractic care’s sheer versatility as a healing modality makes it ideal for auto accident injuries, which typically include multiple issues that need fixing. Correcting your joint alignment can address nerve compression, ongoing muscle strain, and disc problems all at the same time. It can also improve your body’s healing responses, especially when paired with complementary disciplines such as massage, physiotherapy, and ultrasound treatment — all of which we’re happy to offer.

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