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Auto Accident Treatment Using Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

auto accident chiropractic patient in Ft LauderdaleThere are many injuries that commonly result from a car accident in South Florida, many of which are related directly to the spine. Whiplash, for instance, is the single most common auto accident injury. Specifically, this injury occurs when the cervical (upper) spine is forced forward abruptly while the middle and lower (lumbar) spine remain still, such as in the case of a sudden stop or collision where a seat belt is being worn. Symptoms of whiplash may not show up until 24-48 hours after the accident, but can cause crippling pain and stiffness in the neck and back.

Another common car accident injury is that of slipped or herniated discs, which occur when the fluid-filled discs in between the vertebrae in the spine are forced out of place, causing sharp and centralized pain.

Here at Back to Mind Chiropractic in Hollywood & Tamarac, we take great pride in offering the highest standard of chiropractic care to Hollywood, FL and the surrounding areas. If you’re suffering from back pain, neck stiffness, or other conditions related to your spinal/central nervous system, rest assured that our experienced team is here to help! One of the most common reasons we see new patients coming into our office is that of auto accident injuries, which we specialize in treating and managing.

Chiropractic Treatment Options for Auto Accident Injuries

The good news is that there are non-invasive chiropractic treatment and pain management options available to those suffering from common auto accident injuries. For example, if you’re suffering from whiplash, spinal adjustment therapy could help you find relief from your pain. This procedure works through gently manipulating the spine to improve its alignment and promoting the healing of the torn tendons, muscles, and ligaments in the spine.

Furthermore, spinal decompression is often effective in treating herniated and bulging discs. This is done using a special motorized table that decompresses the spine, allowing the discs to return to their proper position and form and providing relief from pain.

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Whiplash from auto accidents is a common neck pain issue we see in our south florida chiropractor offices.If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident and are in pain, schedule an appointment with Back to Mind today by calling one of our offices today.

Why You Should Visit Our Hollywood Chiropractor After an Auto Injury

Being involved in an auto injury accident can be unsettling emotionally, physically, and even financially. Even if it is a relatively minor accident, there are good reasons to see our chiropractor in Hollywood and Tamarac Florida, Dr. Gady Abramson, at Back To Mind.

Our Chiropractor Can Verify & Document Injuries

One of the things you are risking by not seeing a chiropractor promptly following an auto injury accident is your ability to get your treatment covered by insurance. You may also be risking your position in any future legal action that may result from your accident.

If it is weeks or months from the time of your accident to the time you seek treatment, it can send a message, perhaps, your injuries were not severe. Since full symptoms of an accident injury may take weeks or months to manifest themselves, you should see a chiropractic exam promptly.

Our car accident injury doctor will document your injuries as being accident related, protecting your interests in the future. Remember, simple soreness or stiffness can be early signs that something more significant may be amiss. Make sure you have your injuries documented by a chiropractor at Back To Mind.

Prevent Injuries From Getting Worse

Another important reason to see our chiropractor is injuries can be prevented from getting worse with prompt treatment. This can keep a minor incident from turning into chronic pain that can impact your quality of life for years. Keep in mind, new patients receive a free initial consultation to learn more about chiropractic care, so call Back To Mind today. Learn how chiropractic treatment helps you find relief from pain.


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What you don’t know and what you don’t do following an auto injury accident can cost you. Call us today to set an appointment.

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