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Dr. David Ledwitz

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Dr. David Ledwitz

Dr. David Ledwitz is a compassionate and highly skilled practitioner who thrives on improving his patient’s quality of life. A Magna Cum Laude University FL I Life Graduate with a BS in Nutrition, Masters of Sports Medicine and Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine. Founder and Owner of Peachtree Chiropractic and licensed for over three decades, specializing in providing second opinions on MRI and CT scans with an established Orthopedic network.

Also specializes in Physical Therapy and works in tandem with Physical therapists to shorten recovery and augment rehabilitation gains with his micro-targeted, spinal, thoracic, and extremity adjustments. Patients with everyday or sports injuries to Atlantic Hawks and Miami Dolphins players, all appreciate how quickly they can get back in their game.

Successfully utilizing Cox-Flexion Distraction technique for disc herniations and stenosis, low-grade joint and extremity mobilization, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, active release techniques, Graston therapy, and acupuncture to improve range of motion. Providing 360 degrees of wellness with lifestyle modification, nutritional counseling, and enzyme therapies when indicated. 

Partnered with the Top Regenerative Doctors, specializing in orthopedic PRP and stem cell therapies, Dr. Ledwitz knows which conditions are best suited for possible consultations to explore treatments that can help patients delay or avoid surgeries.

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