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Why You Should Choose A Natural Pain Relief Doctor

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Pain can wreck anyone’s quality of life. If your pain is preventing you from working, sleeping, playing or even concentrating, you know that you need relief. At the same time, however, you may cringe at the thought of dealing with surgical procedures or dependence on heavy-duty pain relievers. But what if you could achieve the pain relief you seek purely through safe, natural treatment methods? The good news is that you can do just that, thanks to the non-surgical, drug-free techniques offered by our chiropractor at Back to Mind Chiropractic, Dr. Gady Abramson.

The Trouble With Painkillers and Surgery

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Both painkilling drugs and major surgery have roles to play in modern medical treatment. Sometimes a surgical procedure is a way to repair a severe injury, for instance, while painkillers can help people deal with symptoms that might otherwise be untreatable, such as terminal cancer pain. Unfortunately, both of these modalities also come with certain downsides. Major surgery poses risks, creates additional tissue damage, requires extended recuperation time, and may cost a huge amount of money. Opioid painkillers are known to promote addiction, and overdoses are often fatal. Even milder pain relievers can cause organ damage or other side effects. You’re quite right to seek out safer solutions first — and our chiropractor has them.

Our Natural Pain Relief Specialist Gets to the Root of the Problem

Back to Mind Chiropractic relies on treatment methods that actually address the root of your pain problem, not just the pain itself. By examining your musculoskeletal system in detail, we can see exactly where a nerve is being pinched, one joint component is rubbing against others, or misalignment is promoting chronic tissue strain. This evaluation is critical, not least because some forms of pain are referred to as one part of the body from an underlying problem in the spine or some other area. Once our natural pain relief specialist corrects the imbalance behind your pain, you experience deeper, more lasting relief than drugs can offer — and at the same time, you’re avoiding the surgeon’s scalpel.

Chiropractic Care: Relief for Many Forms of Pain

Chiropractic care has been relieving musculoskeletal and neurological issues since 1895. Joints that have lost their proper alignment simply can’t function properly, causing pain and limiting mobility. An unbalanced body is also prone to chronic tendinitis and muscle strain, as well as pinched nerves that create a host of painful symptoms. Our chiropractor can locate those alignment errors can correct them through safe, gentle, precise adjustments. Chiropractic care can help conditions ranging from acute injuries to chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia.

Spinal Decompression: Non-Surgical Disc Treatment

Once upon a time, spinal decompression to treat herniated or bulging discs meant surgery to alter the spinal column permanently. Thankfully, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy at our clinic can give you the same pain relief benefits without the surgery. Our mechanized treatment table uses gentle flexion-distraction force to create vacuum pressure between your vertebrae. This action pulls bulging or herniated discs back into place, relieving spinal and/or extremity pain.

Other Forms of Natural Pain Management

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When you engage Back to Mind Chiropractic for natural pain relief, you’re getting all the benefits of a holistic pain management strategy. In addition to chiropractic care and spinal decompression, our chiropractor can provide you with hydrotherapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, ultrasound therapy, orthotics, and nutritional counseling to help you control your pain.

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