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One of the most common reasons why people visit a doctor is to due pain. Pain can be extremely debilitating, impacting someone’s physical abilities, mental health, and can even strain relationships in both the professional and personal world. For this reason, it is critical for everyone to rely on a trained and experienced chiropractor who understands back pain, neck pain, and natural pain relief. This is where the team from Back to Mind can help everyone.

A Non-Surgical Approach to Pain Management

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The team at Back to Mind has a team of expert chiropractors who offer an alternative approach to pain management. Too often, people are told that they need to take a bunch of prescription medications to treat their pain. Other people might think that they are going to need surgery. At Back to Mind, we strive to use natural relief. We know that the body is powerful and can recover from serious injuries and illnesses using its own powers. Our chiropractic care doctors are here to help everyone’s body use these abilities to recover from chronic pain.

Common Conditions Treated at Back to Mind

At Back to Mind, there are a number of types of pain that our expert chiropractors can treat. These include:

  • Lower back pain that might develop due to a muscle spasm or herniated disc
  • Neuropathic pain that develops following nerve damage due to diabetes or nerve compression
  • Pain in the musculoskeletal region due to soft tissue sprains and sports injuries
  • Rheumatologic pain which often develops due to arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Headaches pains which can be due to cluster headaches, migraine headaches, or tension headaches

All of these types of pain can be serious and deserve a comprehensive treatment approach.

Areas and Symptoms of Pain Management

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Our team has been trained to manage pain no matter where it arises. Some of the most common locations include:

Back Pain and Neck Pain: These are some of the most common reasons why people come to see us. Pain in this area can develop due to a paraspinal muscle strain, a herniated disc, or even whiplash following a car accident.

Knee Pain: Knee pain can manifest following an acute injury from sports or might develop over time due to arthritis. Knee sprains and cartilage degradation are among the most common causes of knee pain.

Foot, Ankle, and Hip Pain: Some of the most common causes of pain in this area include plantar fasciitis, a rolled ankle, or a chronic, degenerative disease. These issues can severely restrict someone’s mobility.

Shoulder, Elbow, Hand, and Wrist Pain: Pain in the upper limb has a variety of causes. Some people might have a rotator cuff injury due to overuse. Other people might have pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Elbow pain often develops due to pitching, golfing, or playing tennis. All of these injuries deserve a comprehensive approach.

Pain Management Services Offered at Back to Mind

At Back to Mind Chiropractic, we offer a variety of services that will help individuals and families in the TamaracCoral SpringsPompano Beach, and Hollywood, FL areas. Our doctors will use chiropractic adjustments, lifestyle advice, and nutritional counseling as part of our comprehensive approach. We do this to address the root cause of someone’s pain and discomfort. This will help not only treat someone’s pain but will also prevent it from ever coming back. We also have specialized treatment options including hydrotherapyspinal decompression, and ultrasound techniques to better address someone’s pain and injuries. We also invest in the latest treatment options in our field to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Our providers also have access to x-ray machines and orthotic fitting services to round out our capacities. Those who would like to schedule an appointment can reach us at (954)-986-4559. Our team is always standing by to help you and your family with any pain management needs.

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